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Let's start a conversation with your group, church, or school.   
The Port Royal Society vision of faith in action and thought has much to say to us all today who are followers of Jesus Christ. 
The philosophers, scientist, business people and church leadership of the past influence our thought today, yet many do not know where these ideas come from nor do they consider the value of these ideas.  
Pope Benedict XVI wrote, "Every generation has the task of engaging anew in the arduous search for the right way to order human affairs: this task is never completed."   
I am available to speak to your group on a variety of subjects including:
The Cultural Mandate
Studying the Ancients 
Living Faith though Your Work
Don Owens

Don Owens


Port Royal Society

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The Port Royal Society continues to impact the world by promoting the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the heart, soul, body and mind to thousands across the globe. 


Now in its 381st year, the past twelve months have added a new fire to the efforts of this historic community. Born outside of Paris in 1637, the society’s reach has increased, and the focus remains consistent.


In 2017 Port Royal became a 501c-3 in the U.S. to increase our opportunities to serve and influence others. The past year included supporting: provisions for poor families in Nepal, sharing the gospel in Switzerland and Poland, and providing Christian educational resources in France.  Further, ancient books were purchased and shared with those showing interest. Thousands of dollars went to support these efforts. 


In the coming months, Port Royal will continue to invest in individuals and groups that serve the poor, provide educational programs and services, promote the Christian message, and increase one on one discipleship.  The goal of this community remains:  adding an intellectual gospel to the heart gospel to puts the gospel into action.


Soon we’ll be inviting more along on this journey.  Please continue to watch for more information or sign up to receive updates at


“Capacity for discerning truth is the most important measure of minds.” – Antonie Arnauld (1637)


In service,


Don Owens


The Port Royal Society

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